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About Afinity Life Sciences Canada

About Afinity Life Sciences Canada

Afinity Life Sciences Inc.

Afinity Life Sciences Inc. is a company based in Edmonton, Alberta that researches, develops and brings to market natural-based therapeutics that help support your healthy and active lifestyle.

Afinity is not just in the business of manufacturing products but pioneering science that brings evidence-based natural health products to the forefront under the Afinity brand. The company’s unique approach is to use proprietary science to create a premium-quality line of natural health products that consumers can trust. The Afinity product line is tailored to meet the unique health needs of different consumers in the areas of cardiovascular health, cognitive health, rheumatoid arthritis and general health. The Afinity brand has a pipeline of products that promises a growing range of innovative products in a number of other key health areas to meet the needs of active aging consumers.

Proprietary science

The challenge of making natural health supplements is being able to understand and characterize the active medicinal  components and guarantee standardized potency and purity, so that you are getting the same strength, quality and health benefit every time. In collaboration with research organizations, the company uses cutting-edge science that merges the fields of metabolomics with genomics to study and validate its proprietary formulations.  This original research led to the creation of the company’s proprietary technology, known as Afinity Fingerprinting Technology, which ensures batch-to-batch consistency of products. 

Afinity Fingerprinting Technology is a unique and rigorous scientific method of standardization that uses evidence-based research to identify and understand naturally-derived bioactive compounds, study how they act in the human body, and ultimately develop safe and effective natural health products for consumers vetted by science.

Afinity is proud to introduce to the Canadian market a new line of enhanced Omega-3 products to help people care for their heart, brain, joint and overall health. This is just the first of several categories of naturally-based products that Afinix will manufacture and launch, which will expand into various other health categories for men and women.

Sustainability promise

Besides boasting efficacy and safety, the Afinity product line also boasts the use of sustainable species that are closely regulated and monitored. All Afinity Omega-3 products are sourced from fish that are not on any endangered species list and meet the requirements and approval of IFFO Global Standard for Responsible Supply, and are evaluated by Global Trust Certification. In addition, the production process adheres to the WSF, World Standards for Certification and ISO14001. Afinity adheres to a strict policy against the use of unsustainable Omega-3 sources and, specifically, does not use species such as shark, krill, tuna or cod.

Afinix Life Sciences Inc. is committed to exceeding the commonly accepted levels of quality and excellence and prides itself in being recognized as a premium, researched-based manufacturer of natural health products.

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